Real gamers have no friends!

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aajlin replied to your post:I miss you… How are you?

Awwww that sounds super cool! I’m so glad you are having fun at school! Tell me how Maze runner was, planning to see it on mah birthday on monday! ;D I AM FINE but very stressed. I’m mostly like… working and planning the move haha!…

Okay I’m on my phone so I don’t dare to reply in a… Well reply because they tend to disappear when I do haha!

Awww that’s great, though I mean, who wouldn’t wanna be friends with you? I MEAN YOU ARE PRETTY DARN AMAZING DUDE!!!!

And you don’t have to give me anything for my birthday, love. I’ll be happy with a virtual hug haha ♡♡♡

SO EXCITED but also a bit scared haaah^^ What’s the deal with you moving up and me moving down? That’s like the worst idea in the world! But I’ll come visit you when I get back, I promise! Andmaybewecouldseeeachotherforchristmasaswelljustsaying : D

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Well, that was attractive ;D

Guys, I have been laughing at this for a year. I made a video for a job that I was going to apply for and I had some problem memorizing the script and at one point this was my reaction to messing up line.

And I wonder why I’m single. 

Like seriously someone needs to make sure this is played at my funeral xD I don’t know why this cracks me up so bad.